Most Zambians get K20m a month: but If you can’t afford a maid, don’t employ so you do work yourself – Shamenda

Those who cannot afford to pay the revised minimum wages should not employ domestic, shop or general workers so that they do the work themselves, Minister of Labour and Social Securities Fackson Shamenda has said.
Mr Shamenda said people claiming to be ‘too poor’ to pay maids and other workers who fall under the revised minimum wage category should do the menial jobs themselves.
He said this in Parliament yesterday during questions for oral answer.
Mr Shamenda said this in response to Mafinga member of Parliament (MP) Catherine Namugala (MMD) who asked how low income workers such as teachers will afford to pay their maids following the revised minimum wage.
He replied that the Patriotic Front (PF) government has an obligation to protect the interest of all workers, especially the marginalised.
Mr Shamenda said most employers can afford to pay workers the revised minimum wage but are just trying to be selfish.
He said Government has not received meaningful submissions from the Zambia Federation of Employers (ZFE) over the revised minimum wage.
“This government will not allow employers to continue paying workers slave wages. When are we going to become a humane society?
“We are aware that most of the people who are complaining get a salary of K20 million per month and 15 percent of that is K3 million which can enable them to employ six maids. And we are also aware that some people get K750,000 as an allowance for working out of town per night and yet they are against the minimum wage,” he said.
Mr Shamenda said big companies and individual entities continue to frustrate vulnerable workers.
He maintained that Government has no apologies to make over the revised minimum wages.

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