If you can’t stomach criticism, quit public office

By Nason Msoni

Criminalizing journalist and online publications is the lowest ebb any rogue regime can go. It is reactionary elements of the PF regime who have something to hide pushing for the enactment of punitive pieces of legislation.
The muzzled state media cannot be a substitute to the credible independent and reliable sources of news online.
Many times the state media carry reactions to stories they didn’t publish with a biased government perspective. Arguably it is such news media sources which should instead be scrapped and discarded permanently.
The reported crafting of a law in defiance of the rule of law and common sense in-order to pursue individuals operating and running online publications will certainly backfire back on the PF leadership.
No-one can turn the clock back on the nation’s democratic growth back to the one-party state dictatorship era. We are definitely long past that phase and it’s a closed chapter of our lives and therefore those who offer themselves as national leaders should be prepared and accept to be scrutinized and criticized by the citizenry.
The parameters of democracy are broad and wide and require maximum tolerance from the governors and the governed alike. No-one person is forced to be a leader and you voluntarily offer yourself and if you can’t take the heat get-out of the kitchen and resign.
The privilege to legislate and govern should never be taken for granted and abused to the extent of crafting laws that contradict the very essence of legality and commonsense. When laws are being made in defiance of the rule of law it then becomes the duty of citizens to defy such archaic draconian pieces of legislation with impunity.
The proposed copycat legislation mimics out-dated Apartheid laws enacted by the racist regime which were rejected by progressive citizens of South Africa.
These very limitations and parameters you are creating and crafting for your own self-preservation and protection will certainly haunt you one day when you will need coverage from these very online publications
The alleged facebook opened by cronies of the PF regime is just a face saver meant to hoodwink the gullible citizens as such should be treated and dismissed with the contempt it deserves. We doubt whether Sata can even competently use facebook to communicate ideas given his background and character demonstrated so far.

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