If you vote for PF candidate he will be minister, Scott tells Msnzala voters

If you vote for PF candidate he will be minister, Scott tells Msnzala voters

Vice President Guy Scott has appealed to the people of Petauke district to vote for the Patriotic Front (PF) Msanzala parliamentary candidate Joseph Lungu in the February 16 by-election.

Dr Scott says there is a golden chance for the people of Eastern Province to vote for a PF MP who would be considered for a ministerial portfolio once duly elected.

He noted that Eastern province produced only one Member of Parliament (MP) Effron Lungu, who is Chama South MP  but regretted that Chama district  is now part of the new tenth province, Muchinga after President Michael Sata detached it from the Eastern Province.

Dr Scott was speaking at Nyampande airstrip on arrival from Lusaka.

He upon arrival introduced Col. Lungu to the people of Petauke district.

“Vote for PF candidate Col. Lungu and make him minister. Eastern province has no PF MP because the sole MP Mr. Effron Lungu of Chama South now represents the Muchinga province but here in Eastern province we as PF don’t have a PF member,” Scott said.

The Vice President expressed confidence that the PF candidate, would emerge victorious on February 16.

He hinted that former Msanzala MMD MP and former Science and Technology Minister Peter Daka had already lost the Msanzala parliamentary race.

He further noted that the ruling party has sympathisers whom it is warmly working well with.

Dr Scott ‘mocked’ Nicholas Banda who is MMD Kapoche MP but is appointed Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Agriculture saying he, Mr Banda was not a factor because he was part of the PF governance system after President Sata appointed him into the new government.

He urged the people of Eastern Province and the country as a whole to rally behind the PF government because it was bearing fruits under the able leadership of President Sata.

And Vice Guy Scottt has said the PF government is there to sort out all the problems left behind by the previous MMD government.

Dr Scott assured the farmers that Government would buy all the maize from the farmers in the 2011/2012 agriculture season.

Speaking earlier, PF Msansala Campaign Manager Edgar Lungu said the ruling party was ‘slowly grabbing away’ MMD strongholds in the Eastern province.

Lungu, who is also Deputy Minister in the Office of the Vice President, dismissed assertions that PF cadres were engaging in ‘violent acts’ but maintained that discipline was being enforced.

“As PF members don’t engage yourselves in fights, just tell them: Don’t kubeba and remain peaceful,” Mr Lungu said.

MMD, UNIP and an independent candidate are vying for the Msanzala seat.

Dr Scott who arrived at Nyampande airstrip aboard a Zambia Air Force plane was received at by Eastern province Minister Solomon Mbozi, Provincial Permanent Secretary Hlobotha Nkunika, Deputy Minister in the Office of the Vice President Edgar Lungu, Defense Chiefs and Senior government officials.

The Vice President is accompanied to Petauke by Agriculture and Co-operatives Minister Emmanuel Chenda and some senior party and government officials.

Speaking when he paid a courtesy call on Chief Nyampande of the Nsenga people this afternoon, Dr Scott said no maize would rot because government was losing out money when maize is wasted.

And Chief Nyampande urged the political players participating in the Msanzala by-election to accept the out-come of the results.

The Traditional Leader pointed out that failure to accept the result erupts into violence and appealed to the Vice President to sensitize their members on the need to adhere to the electoral Act.

“I know you are on a campaign trail but fulfil your mandates to the electorates and make sure your cadres are disciplined. We don’t want violence in this forth-coming Msanzala by-election but we want peaceful voting,” Chief Nyampande said.

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