Ignorant minister Mwila now says prisoners not allowed to vote

Illegal Home Affairs Minister Davies Mwila has admitted that the current law does not allow rapists, thieves and other culprits  in prisons to vote.

Last week Mwila ordered the Electoral Commission of Zambia to make prisoners to vote, but his statement has been condemned from all corners of society.

Mwila sat for his grade 7 school certificate in 2012, when he was already an MP.

In refuting his own statement, Mwila even quoted the Electoral Actof the Laws of Zambia saying : “ no person shall be qualified for registration as a voter in direct elections, and no person shall be registered as such a voter, who is under sentence of death imposed on him by any court in Zambia,or a sentence of imprisonment imposed on him by such a court or submitted by competent authority for some other sentence imposed on him by such a court”.

Mwila says in view of this Act, the statement he made earliar  was inadvertently made as a result of prior discussions regarding the reform of the Correctional Services.
He says the position therefore, still remains that inmates cannot vote.

And this is the person in charge of  the police and all other security agencies in Zambia?

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