Ignore all other statements on the constitution making process-Katema

Following the numerous conflicting statements by various useless PF cabinet Ministers on the constitution making process, government has now disowned them and described them as personal opinions.

Chief Government Spokesperson Joseph Katema has told QFM News in an interview that statements being issued by government officials on the constitution other than those by the ministry of Justice are personal opinions.

Dr. Katema has since advised people not listen to personal opinions by government officials on the constitution, but get the government position on the issue through the ministry of Justice.

He says there are no contradictions in the government position on the constitution as perceived, stating that government’s position remains the same as stated by the minister of Justice.

Dr. Katema states that people should not complain about being misled by different statements by government officials, stating that the right information can only come from the ministry of Justice and the President.

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