Ignore Edgar Lungu: follow your leaders to police, court

If you want Nevers Mumba or Hakainde Hichilema to die and be buried, then let them go to PF police stations alone.

Zambia is now run by demons.

And demons are evil. They possess and kill.

If there is one order the opposition must ignore, it is the one issued by Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu on Friday. Lungu said his regime has banned the practice by party supporters to accompany their leaders to police stations.

This order must not just be ignored but resisted actively. To follow this order is to sign a death warrant for your leaders.

One of these days, Mumba or Hichilema will be injected with poison or shot dead.

That brick which hit a police officer could have been targeted at anyone including Hichilema.

The PF can easily plant marksmen in the crowd to take out your leader and blame you.

The PF regime is desperate. It can do anything. Remember that Kenneth Kaunda is now Sata’s adviser.

Our advice to MMD (genuine) and UPND supporters is that be with your leaders whenever they are summoned by the winged arm of the PF.

In fact, next time any of the leaders is invited, make sure you mobilise other supports from all the country.

If you let Sata lay his hands on your leaders, then you will have no one to blame. We know who Sata is. He is a thug – a violent thug.

So far all the charges given to Mumba and Hichilema are ridiculous. No professional police office can involve himself is such harassment of opposition leaders. Those charges are political. That is why the opposition must respond in a political way.

If the police arrest a real criminal, no member of the public will go and start fighting the police. The reason members of the police are following opposition leaders to police station is because they know that their leaders have committed no crimes. They know the regime is trying to silence critical voices.

This happens all over the world where there are incompetent leaders. They blame the opposition for their failure to deliver public services and goods.

That is what Sata is trying to do. He wants no one to question him when he is stealing money. He wants everybody to live in fear. He wants Zambians to praise him when he is doing nothing.

At the state Zambia is, there is need for vigilance. The demons running Zambia should not be allowed to take this country 500 years back.

We are being governed by a family of evil spirits which is sophisticated. This is the type which Jesus said needs fasting and prayers to cast.

As for Elias Chipimo, we wish he could stop playing ‘now you see me, now you don’t’ games.

If Chipimo thinks the regime has a soft spot for him just because they took him to Brazil, he will soon be sorry. Let him continue issuing those statements and see how evil the system is. Chipimo should be seen to be with other opposition leaders.

As for beer man Edgar Lungu, we can only tell him that, stop harassing opposition leaders and you won’t see even a single cadre at the police station.

To opposition leaders, we repeat our advice: Thou shall not allow your leaders to be alone with the PF police. They will kill them.

For police officers. Stop being PF cadres. Show some professionalism. Ignore orders from politicians. Members of the public don’t trust you because you are aligned to the government. You don’t make professional decisions. You wait for orders from PF officials. The public will support you when you show your worthy; but they will frown upon you and fight you when you show stupidity like you are doing now.

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