Ignore Milupi and others, says Sakeni

 Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Kennedy Sakeni says Zambians should ignore and brush aside unfounded criticisms being peddled by Alliance for Development and Democracy (ADD) President Charles Milupi.

 Mr. Sakeni said it is unfortunate that the ADD leader has decided to mislead the Zambian people that the Patriotic Front government has failed to run the affairs of the country because they have failed to embrace divergent views from the opposition political leaders and other concerned stakeholders.

 The Information Minister said the claims by Mr Milupi are surprising because the PF government is a listening government which has managed to embrace meaningful views from all concerned stakeholders in the country.

 Mr Sakeni said the opposition political party leaders should learn to criticise government sincerely and not for the sake of criticising because this does not add value to the country’s democracy.

 He said the PF government has appointed opposition Members of Parliament from other political parties to serve in the PF government, a sign to show that it is determined to include everyone in the running of the affairs of this country.

 Mr Sakeni, however, said Mr Milupi is a Zambian who is entitled to say whatever he feels to say adding that it is up to Zambians to look at such criticisms.

 Recently, ADD Charles Milup while on Flava FM charged that the failure by the PF government to tolerate divergent views is an indication that it is drunk with power.

And the ADD leader also alleged that it is unfortunate for P F to complain about the pastoral letter issued by the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ), in which they have noted with sadness, the tendency by the PF not to embrace divergent views from the opposition.

 PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba also was quoted saying it is unfair for anybody to claim that the PF has not been tolerating divergent views without specifying.

But the ADD leader in an interview with Flava FM said it is clear that the PF government does not want to be advised on issues that will develop the country.

 He added that the Zambian people who voted for the PF have a right to speak on issues which they feel the government has failed to address.

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