Ignore the lies: Namugala won’t stand because she has no grade 12 certificate

Ignore the lies: Namugala won’t stand because she has no grade 12 certificate

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Information has just been obtained and verified that Mafinga MP Catherine Namugala did not apply to stand as MP because she has no grade 12 certificate.

Namugala was quoted by the PF media that she would not recontest any of the parliamentary seats she has held previously but will support outgoing president Edgar Lungu. She gave no reason for her ‘decision’ not to run.

But the Watchdog has just verified that Namugala failed junir secondary school exams and therefore could not proceed to form five the equivalent of grade 12 today.

At the prime age of 50 but with no discernible business to pursue or marriage to concentrate on, why would Namugala decide to leave parliament which has been feeding her from 2001?

It is interesting that these are the same people who supported the amendments to the constitution that has now barred them from standing. But then, what do you expect from school failures?

Namugala has diploma in catering from some entity, but then there are many people with questionable diplomas, degrees and even doctorates with the most important foundation qualification of grade 12.



Namugala served as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2002 until 2003. From 2003 until 2005, she served as the Deputy Minister for Community Development and Social Services. In 2006, she was re-elected to parliament, representing Isoka East Constituency. Also in 2006, she was appointed Minister of Community Development and Social Services. Since then, she served as Deputy Minister in the Office of the Vice President before being appointed Toursim minister juts before Rupiah Banda was booted out with his MMD.


On the parliament website, Namugala states that her hobbies are  

Economics and Environment, just imagine?



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