Ignore UPND, says Kambwili’s party

For immediate Release.

~ Hon Musenge

Kitwe. 05.02.2018.

The National Democratic Congress NDC wishes to put it on record that the party has no immediately intentions to get into an alliance with the opposition Upnd.

The NDC has never engaged in any talks with the Upnd on prospects to explore a possible alliance.

Therefore, talk that the NDC should venture into a working pact with our counterparts from the Upnd are premature.

As NDC, we urge all our members countrywide to therefore ignore such discourse.

All our members countrywide should instead preoccupy themselves mobilizing structure’s in their respective localities.

The NDC has high chances of forming Government in 2021 as a single entity going by the support we are receiving countrywide.

The NDC has continued receiving overwhelming response from all corners of Zambia an indication that the party has well been received.

We also want to state that the NDC has never engaged in talks with the Upnd leadership on a possible alliance.

As NDC, we therefore like to bring this discourse to an end.

However, we appreciate the gesture by our colleagues in Upnd for opening up suggestions for a possible alliance with the NDC.

Issued by:
Mwenya Musenge.
Secretary General


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    Good morning brethren,bear in mind that PF has done a lot of work on the ground in terms of development.ie roads,schools hospitals name it.i take it PF is third in performance after mwanawasa and kk.Just as most infrastructure was done by KK and now most shopping heavens,roads,schools,national church of prayers etc including this social media platform you are using to insult the PF came about because of PF innovations.Mind you, every government which comes, comes with its own challenges,just looking at 12yrs ago,we were saying we need a government that will come and drastically make an impact in terms of aggressive development like PF has done.In safety systems we say,the more a person is involved in production busy schedule,the higher the risk and mistakes.Mistakes usually are committed by busy and hard workers even in companies right, and not by seating people.And PF has been busy,and all they need is help them drive development with safety,security and right speed.People forget so easily,and can even ignore parents on the basis a small mistake and punish them.Please take it easy and analyze those you are calling good before there are in power.In mark 10vs17,a rich person called JESUS,GOOD MAN,GOOD MAN.THE RESPONSE WAS,STOP CALLING THAT,BCOZ NO ONE IS GOOD HERE ON EARTH APART FROM MY FATHER.THIS MEANS EVEN JESUS WAS NOT.Secondly,UPND just like any part can also form government one day only if the stop being tribal and petty, tribal problems have spreed even in work places and have affected working relations and production just because of elections.There are also a few of our brothers especially fired PF people who even now do not want to see a lamba,luvale,Tonga etc working with PF which is a serous problem.Politics are like football,we support a side we few like and that which is doing something.And there no permanent enemies too. STOP POLITICS OF HATRED TELL US WHAT YOU WILL DO FOR US.SOMEONE SAID IF YOU WANT TO BECAME PRESIDENT BEHAVE LIKE ONE. GOD HELP US.i love you all zambians.talumba,thank,zikomo,mwanee,anisha,twatotela,twasanta,inya mwane

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    The NDC is illusive. It has rubbished Kalaba and now UPND. Big headedness is no quality for leadership.

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    Kulekwamyor 2 weeks

    He looks like Papa Wemba’s illegitimate son, let Kambwili go run in Kasai Congo, not Zambia, alah!

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      Ok he will run in Congo fine & ur HH should also run in North east africa where he believes to hail from.

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    KwaBulozi 2 weeks

    Another clown.

    NDC will struggle even to wrestle areas like Eastern, Northern and Muchinga from Edgar’s PF. Lets see how many votes KwaHaye chaps like Saboi will bring or is she just a concubine of Musenge or Erick Chanda or Kambwili?

    Anway the real reason NDC was formed is they were cut of Edgar’s Den of Thieves Wako ni Wako corruption deals. They have no real agenda apart from chewing money.

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    munene 2 weeks

    Musenge says ndc can win in 2021….kkkkkk..! To the contrary, ndc will only split pf votes and hence helping upnd win the elections or a rerun between upnd and pf..! Keep on dreaming musenge and good luck…!

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    Muta Mutai 2 weeks

    Be it NDC, PF, or UPND, the right way to strengthen any party is going flat out on the ground and have structures in place. identify committed and dedicated leaders at grassroots that can not be bought, then grow the party!! Peace, Love & Goodwill to all Zambians!!

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      zamule 2 weeks

      All that my friend will have no bearing with you entrust Zimbabweans and Ugandans to count your votes. They are experienced in rigging elections. Remember that.

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    Musenge will find it difficult to swallow a bitter pill but will have to swallow it any way!! UPND is strong and ever growing. Just wait when your friends from Luapula, Northen and Muchinga provinces in PF start to squeeze your businesses that is when you will realize that politics is not for boys like Musenge and Kambwili.you will end up like the late Mwila.
    You have no teeth and you are comparing yourselves with those with beards! Wait and see.

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      mailon 2 weeks

      These politics where you think like animals in the jungle will kill us.Learn to uphold principles that will stand the test of time.Strive to leave a better earth than you found.Next it will be our children copying from us these uncivilised and primitive ways that have no place in the world today.That is why Trump calls us shithole countries,even just imagining that these pathetic practices will one day affect us our negroid fo.o.lish heads fails.Fine if we are so s.t.u.p.i.d that we totally lack foresight what of our children?And please take caution on what you post here.This is 2018 and there are people out there who are civilised and to whom you serve as a big embarrasment to be thinking like a m.o.n.k.e.y.

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    UPND is sound n strong on de ground hv branchs/wards dotted evrywhere in zambia.so let NDC do there job on there on if dats wat they want?UPND has bn here mwa’na n it will b here mwa’na,if NDC people think there to work by themselfs well n good let them work by themselfs.people of o opposition political parties should speak one voice work wth friends if u r to free de zambian people from brutal leadership of PF government,JEHOVAH GOD bless mother zambia

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    kumwesu ukushuma_lubanga 2 weeks

    looking at things..UPND will form BOMA come 2021….most of pf we know

    • comment-avatar
      chrispine kaunda 2 weeks

      a wonderful observation that should be embraced by every meaningful zambian.

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    Mubela 2 weeks

    UPND you are currently on the right track, concentrate on strenthening the party in regions that you performed poorly. Forget about alliances hoe many alliances have you formed that worked

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    Kanji Mihova 2 weeks

    This is a very good move. Dont let UPND swallow you the way MMD has swallowed PF

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    messi 2 weeks

    just lukng

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    Musonda 3 weeks

    And you think you Kambwili you are the right man for the job as CEO of mother Zambia…Not at all…Zambia does not need a guy like you Kambwili…far-ferched issue…But cause Zambians are naive and due to tribalism they can go for you…just like Sata and bum Lungu…