Illegal mining activities in Mungule

Illegal mining activities in Mungule

Mungule illwga mining operation less than 50m from main road.notice the body of underground water already affected.


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    Anamela Matakala 2 weeks ago

    True give us a clear picture of what is happening.As it is, we are left just to speculate.

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      Mr Sakala 1 week ago

      Galilelo explored this mine but pulled out after considering the built comunity up comunity around the small but high grade zinc belt. How due to to luck of integrity or high poverty levels I assume. Local miner’s have moved with heavy equipment and blasts. Endangering the comunity and evironment. The local people have suffered injuries and property damages.
      The matter has been reported the police, area MP, ZEMA, ministry of mines, mines safety and none is doing a thing about it. Are our institutions disfanctional?

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    Give more details. what are they mining? who and where exactly. Mungule is vast.