ILO boss told Sata dismissed nurses should be paid

Following Guy Scott’s ‘directive’ for PSMD to ‘accelerate’ the reinstatement of the …more than 350 fired nurses,it has come to our attention that the true picture is as follows:-
1. The PSMD advised and wrote to the then PS at Ministry of  Health Dr. Mwaba,to pardon and reinstate all the nurses because of the pathetic situation at the hospital due to the critical shortage of nurses
2. A meeting was called by the head of state at Plot. 1 with the Minister Dr. Joseph ‘Impotent’ Kasonde, Dr. Mwaba, UTH MD Dr. Lackson Kasonka,all departmental heads at both Ministry of Health and at UTH.
In this meeting everyone was given a chance to speak in view of Cabinet Office’s advice through PSMD that the nurses be brought back. Every one remained quiet when asked by the so-called King Cobra to give personal and professional view points. Why? Because all of us were cognisant of the fact that the Cobra himself ordered for the firing of the nurses en masse.
The nurses’ coming back is solely dependent on the president,who has remained adamant that they be fired because,according to the mighty one, were sponsored by HH!
3. There is false information regarding the number of newly recruited nurses? The number being peddled in the public media and the vuvuzela PAST NEWSPAPER is over 150!
The truth is that a private nursing college’s(DoveCot College) graduates totalling only 47 is what has been offloaded to the UTH!
These have yet to be licenced and other formalities including paying them massive Settling-in Allowances;
3. There is also the issue of paying the fired nurses colossal terminal benefits(which this broke government cannot afford)!
A story is told that the president, in his usual ignorance, was shocked on being told that the government was supposed to pay huge separation packages to the nurses he ordered to be fired. Only when the ILO delegation leader informed him that the president became ‘aware’ of the financial obligations…and he went ballistic against the Minister of Health and his minions saying:”Ninshi tamwanjebele ati tuli no kuposa ulupiya ulwingi sana pali ba nurse bakwa HH?”
4. The blame for this fandango,as George Mpombo would say,squares lies at the feet of one Michael Chilufya Sata,President of the Republic of Zambia.
He gave the orders to fire them,he should now give the order to have them reinstated unconditionally without loss of service and all the attendant benefits!

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