I’m fine, working well and ready for a medical report- Sata tells Post newspaper

President Charles Michael Katongo Mwango Chilufya Sata has told his friends who control him at the Post newspaper that he was working, he is fit, he is fine and has not been evacuated.

In a telephone call to The Post Newspaper yesterday morning, Mr. Sata said reports that he was unwell and had been evacuated for treatment outside Zambia were false.

“They are saying I have been evacuated, evacuated to where?” he asked.

“The opposition even wants to move a motion that they want a medical report before Parliament. We are ready for them.”

President Sata told the Post that he was working normally.

“I’m fit, very fit, I’m very well,” he said.

“You know the nature of the office I’m in. I don’t know the motive of the opposition.”

Opposition MMD president Nevers Mumba on Monday said there were signs that the president was not well and should rest.

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