Imagine Sata’s widow receiving Siliya at airport

Imagine Sata’s widow receiving Siliya at airport

Politics are nasty. Politics are full of ironies and contradictions. Not long ago, Chishimba Kambwili, Wynter Kabimba, GBM, Fred Mmembe and other PF members were in the trenches fighting President Rupiah Banda, Bene Dora Siliya, Catherine Namugala, Felix Mutati, Chitalu Chilufya and other MMD members. Bene Dora went all over Zambia telling Zambians that PF will never rule Zambia.

We never imagined that now, bene Wynter, Mmembe, GBM, Kambwili are out in the cold, fighting the same organization they told Zambians was the best to be in government while the people they were fighting, bene Dora, are now Ministers in PF, and are now saying PF is the best to govern. They have swapped positions.

I don’t know what President Sata is thinking in his grave, but I don’t know if the old man ever imagined that his beloved wife, Dr. Christine Kaseba Sata will be receiving Dora at the Airport when Dora travels to France as Minister of Information and Broadcasting in the PF led Government. Dr. Christine Kaseba Sata will be waiting at the airport to receive Dora and carry her bags, run around for Dora and make sure Dora is comfortable while in France.

Chalo ichi! Tomorrow is not guaranteed comrades!


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