IMF bailout package is indication that PF has failed to manage economy-Milupi

The Opposition Alliance for Democracy and Development has charged that the decision by the PF government to ask the IMF for a bailout package is a clear indication that they have failed to manage the country’s economy.
ADD Leader Charles Milupi told Hot FM News that government has no alternative to the current economic challenges hence the decision to ask for assistance from the IMF.
Mr. Milupi has since warned Zambians to brace themselves for harsh conditions as the IMF engages government over the bailout package.
But the Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research says Zambia seriously needs the IMF bailout package because most of the country’s key macro-economic variables are off-track.
In an interview with Hot FM News, ZIPAR Executive Director, Dr. Pamela Kabaso urged Zambians to be open minded about the bailout package and desist from branding the IMF as a monster.

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