Immigration gives 17 000 illegal work permits

Immigration gives 17 000 illegal work permits

Immigration officers ‘corruptly’ issue 17k work permits – AG

The Auditor General Dick Sichembe has revealed that over 17,000 work permits were issued by suspected corrupt officers at the immigration department to foreign nationals whose skills are locally available and should not have been issued in the first place.

This revelation means that over 17,000 Zambia’s lost out on promotions and jobs to foreign nationals due to the negligent acts of a few corrupt immigration officers. The Auditor Generals review shows that these roles could have been given to local Zambians.

According to the report made available to the Zambian Business Times – ZBT, Sichembe stated that some the immigration department was found by his office to have been “awarding employment Permits to foreigners for skillsets locally available”

He stated that “an analysis of permits issued by the Department during the period under review across the Country, revealed that the Department considered and approved application for employment permits for 17,004 foreigners and renewed permits for 9,242 others whose skills should be transferable”.

President Hakainde Hichilema yesterday during a press conference warned that he expects respective agencies such as the Anti-Corruption Commission – ACC, Drug Enforcement Commission – DEC and other relevant investigative agencies to take necessary action following revelations by the Auditor General and the Financial Intelligence Centre reports.

These reports are issued every year but due to the investigative agencies lethargy, the cases keep on increasing in some instances. In some cases, the erring officers are suspended but brought back to continue their deeds due to loopholes in the system.

Investigative agencies have recently come under public scrutiny for only acting on politically inclined cases at the expense of routing out corruption in the private sector as well as in the larger civil service and at all levels of government.

The issuance of work permits is one area that is susceptible to corruption due to the strong interests from mostly private companies seeking to place their international experts. Employment and immigration consultancy agencies are usually the middle men used in these instances.

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    Lesser 2 weeks ago

    Interessant! ))

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    Chipola Kuyanda 3 weeks ago

    The immigration department is full of corrupt elements who use Labour Consultancy agencies as their fronts. This has been going on for many years and we are yet to see the new sawn govt mopping up the department even to the extent of hiring NEMCHEM cleaning services.

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    Detective 3 weeks ago

    Start with Varun beverages.

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    In 2008, Immigration deported a family who owned a company that had invested 3 million US in empowering customary villagers. The result: the chief sold the land set aside as a game ranch for the benefit of the villagers; the hunting concession was cancelled…

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    Deport those who came in dubiously 3 weeks ago

    Anyone who came in dubiously must be deported. Under PF Kaiser & his group used extortion from foreign businessmen given permits and business concessions, to mobilize huge resources for their belies in the name of PF. This was very wrong and brought about an acrimonious business environment in Zambia 

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    Bapompwe 3 weeks ago

    CLUELESS HYENA and Kamponygo run Ministry of Home affairs as an extension of Katondo Street.

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    Immigration need clean up within the shortest possible time,some investors were deported for abusing zambians,but were protected by carders,they are still there.

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    Buck teeth lungu 3 weeks ago

    How long before they are in jail

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    The Immigration Department has always been corrupt. This is no news to anyone who has been paying attention to events in Zambia. The auditor-general has just confirmed what has been suspected by many.

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    Samlindo 3 weeks ago

    FLASH BACK 3rd April 2017
    Kampyongo is too small and weak to arrest me � HHBy News Desk Latest News, News 0 Comments
    UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has responded to Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo’s threats to arrest him for treason calling him weak and too small.

    Hichilema or HH as he is referred to has advised Kampyongo to look back at some powerful former Home Affairs Ministers and see that he is far from being a powerful Minister. HH has also advised Kampyongo to go and change the constitution if he wishes to arrest any person for exercising their constitutional rights.

    He has also bemoaned the luck of credible leaders in PF causing the country to shrink economically and politically. He acknowledged being critical to the late President, Micheal Chilufya Sata (mhsrip) and wished God had allowed him to finish his 5-year-mandate than leaving it in the hands of what he called a CLUELESS HYENA.

    He said the PF and Lungu have got no idea how to turn around the mess they have created in the country because Edgar has made himself to be surrounded by people who forcefully put him their using violence and evil means, e.g

    1. His advisor is Kaiza Zulu who needs no introduction when it comes to violence

    2. Defence Minister Chama who shot a person and has been rewarded with a position

    3. Kampyongo tried to kill us in shiwangandu by stoning our helicopters 2 times and he has been rewarded with a position. If that kapoto (position) was taken from Kampyongo he will go to katondo street today and what will people do to him?

    He said the economy of the country is on its knees crawling and only UPND leadership will change and turn around the mess which has been created.

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    Lungu Kampyongo must be jailed 3 weeks ago

    People can’t wait to see Kampyongo, Lungu and the Chief Immigration officer in jail.