Immigration officers raid Samsung

Immigration officers Wednesday morning raided Samsung offices in Lusaka and nabbed non-Zambians working there on suspicion of working in Zambia illegally.

Business at Samsung Regional Head offices situated along great North Road next to former Rothmans of Pall Mall was disrupted as immigration officers fished out Korean and Indian nationals from their work stations for interrogations at Immigration offices over use of visitors’ permits to work in Zambia.
According to insiders, Samsung Managing director James You replaced all qualified Zambians as Heads of departments with Koreans and Indians respectively.
Mr You is said to be fond of telling Samsung Zambian employees that he feels comfortable working with Koreans and Indians and claiming he was within Zambian labour laws which he tamed porous with no guidance on who and how many can work as expatriates in Zambia.

But most of the Koreans and Indiasn are working with work permits but using visitors’ permits.

‘Among the notables heading key areas of Samsung business in Zambia are Vikas Kumar an Indian national from Nigeria heading Sales-Mobile, Joon-Ho Cho from Korea heading Sales- TV,’ said a source.

But luck ran out on Wednesday for Samsung as the immigration department, often known for corruption, incompetence and laziness, swung into action, surprisingly.

The individuals suspected of working in Zambia were interviewed from morning until 17 hours. The interviews will continue today.

It is reported that Samsung Zambia has employed more foreigners compared to Zambians.

‘Some foreign nationals were working with MacDonalds and UNESCO before the Managing director brought them to work for Samsung Zambia. They are struggling to grasp the Zambian market and are heavily relying on Zambians to do the work despite being well looked after with Accommodation at Taj pamodzi hotel and driven in Voyagers car rentals,’ said an insider.

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