Immigration Scheme to Rig Elections Exposed


In desperation for votes…Immigration officers Pass Out was held last evening (23rd June, 2016) at Lilayi Police training College @ 18 Hours. The quarter baked officers just went for training for 2 months 2 Weeks and immediately passed Out as former Deputy Minister Garry Chanda enjoyed free drinks at the evening dance pass Out parade. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED IN THE HISTORY OF ZAMBIAN IMMIGRATION TRAINING. As such we demand for Scrutiny …Why 2 Months 2 WEEKS and Not intial 6 to 12 months…who are these?
Are they qualified? Aren’t they pf Cadres?
Who has approved this?

Zambia Police pass Out is on hold due to lack of funding and postings logistics. Zambia Police officers went into training in August last year and were set for Pass Out in June but it’s still silent.

Immigration Unit is failing Zambia…it explains why foreigners are registered as Voters as confirmed by ECZ’s Chris Akufuna early this week.
There is too much unprofessional conduct and unqualified recruitment taking place at immigration said the sourced who seek not to be mentioned.

Isn’t this another scheme to facilitate more foreigners to take part in the August 11th Elections?


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