Immigration should clean up Texila America University


Am a former employee for Texila American University and I would like to report possible violations of the employment permits issued to some expatriates working for the University which I feel contravens the Immigration and Deportation Act hence stands against the values of the Immigrations Department of Zambia.

One Mr Phani Kumar Lakku is employed by the above university and holds an employment permit for a position of Process and Innovation Specialists and yet from the time he came in the country he holds the position of Human Resources Manager and has in many occasions violated the Employment Code Act. This post was advertised on Go Zambia Jobs as per the provided link here ( as Human Resources Manager after which people applied and one of the requirements for the position holder was to be a member of the Zambia Institute of Human Resources. The expatriate post holder is not a registered member of ZIHRM and is doing work different from what is registered with your department which violates the Immigrations Act and also Section 14 the Employment Code Act. You can verify this information by checking on Go Zambia Jobs website now to see who is handling recruitment duties and also this can be verified by interviewing Miss Alice Chileshe, Mr Tapalo Masambo and Miss Daisy Siansundi who all have worked under him as the Head of HR Department.

The same thing goes for the university’s Finance Manager, namely Mr Nirmal Kumar SP, his position was advertised as Operations and Forensic Officer on link ( which is the position registered on his permit. The functions listed on the advertised position are handled by Mr Jesvin Pradeep Kumar. This can be checked with the university’s audit companies as well some

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