Immigrations and foreigners married to Zambians

Good morning,
Ba watchdog honestly as a Zambian woman I know we have fallen victim of scam and fake marriages by foreigners for their sole purpose of getting Zambian citizenship and permits but then again what about us the good nuts that have fallen victim coz of the bad nuts and our husband’s are been sucked out financially by these corrupted authorities just so that they can stay here in Zambia with their families to work and support them,this so called immigration of Zambia that is constantly harassing immigrants for not having permits is the same immigration that does not grant them permits and as a result we as their families have to suffer…
Why should our husbands suffer in our country yet all in the name of law inforcement ?
I have fallen victim of these so called law inforcement first hand and I think enough is enough,if I’m married to a foreigner and they think my marriage is a scam isn’t it their duty to investigate?
What’s the purpose of the spouse permits if they are not been granted?
We are living in fear that our families will be broken at any point by the so called immigration who claim “even if you have marriage certification which is granted by the civic centre of zambia as long as we don’t have a spouse permit they can deport your husband or wife.” Honestly is it fair for us to have to live in fear of our families been broken?
Why are their no laws to protect such things that are bound to happen coz the authorities can’t and will never stop the inevitable….
I know countless women who are victims,even now you can take a trip to the immigration offices and visit their cells there is living proof of these sad events that happen on a daily basis in our so called “DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY ”
My request is that my fellow women who are victims may step forward so that something can be done about this.

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