Immorality and lies cannot be sustained- Chikwanda hits the Kabimba team again

With ailing president Michael Sata out of circulation, PF factions have continued pounding each other with Finance minister Alexander Chikwanda accusing the Wynter Kabimba, Fred Mmembe and vice-president Guy Scott’s team of lacking civility in the way they want to take the presidency.

Mmembe, Kabimba, and Scott’s PF A team yesterday again unleashed Anglican priest Fr. Luonde using their Post newspaper challenging Chikwanda to explain his role in his company called Sigma Enterprises which is supplying the mines.

Fr. Luonde said Zambians were living dangerously by having a finance minister whose interest is to protect mining companies so that his supply business remains profitable.

He said it was betrayal of trust of Zambians and President Michael Sata for Chikwanda to continue as Minister of Finance while at the same time being an active shareholder in a company that is a supplier to the mines.

“The honourable minister should state clearly that he is not involved in Sigma Enterprises and if he tells us that and gives us proof, then, there is nothing wrong,” Fr Luonde said in an interview. “That means he is serving as an honest person running the finances of the nation. But as things stand now, there is no independence. It’s like me as a priest, we are constructing a church and I become the biggest supplier within the church construction project. What picture am I trying to portray to the Christian followers? I am simply saying that I am there to benefit as a priest and not for the church to benefit. I would rather leave that to the Christians and in comparison to the Zambians.”

But Chikwanda, without any reference to the corrupt revelations by the Mmembe and Kabimba team, tried to hit back at their clique in an interview on ZNBC by educating them to aspire the presidency in a more civilized manner and within the confines of morality than through a smear campaign.

Chikwanda hit back at the cartel that is using the Post newspaper against promoting selfish ambitions of their friends and allies while injuring other defenceless people.

“Those of you in the media who want to promote the ambitions of certain friends or allies please do it in a way which is premised on morality. That’s not good, because at the end of day the thing which can build or destroy individuals begins and ends with people’s integrity,” he said.

He challenged Kabimba to emulate missing Sata by getting the presidency through grassroot support and gain their confidence.

Of course Sata gained grassroot support and eventually won the presidency by telling lies for ten years as an opposition leader.

In an advice to the cartel of Scott, Kabimba, Mmembe, Inonge Wina, Silvia Masebo and others that perhaps should have been directed at Sata himself, Chikwanda said: “In life it doesn’t matter how clever you are in crafting lies or fraudulence. You must always bear in mind that lies, deceit, gimmicks have one common propensity and attribute. There is no immorality or lie that can be sustained,” he added.

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