Impeaching RB will bring instability-Pastor

President Banda faces impeachment before clocking a year in office

President Banda faces impeachment before clocking a year in office

The Christian Faith Mission Centre (CFMC) has described maneuvers to impeach President Rupiah Banda by the opposition as an exercise in futility.

CFMC founder president Peter Chanda briefing the press in Lusaka today said it is pointless to seek to impeach the president in the absence solid grounds for impeachment.

Pastor Chanda warned that impeachment of the president is bound to bring about instability in the country, which is an undesirable scenario.

He further observed that the opposition political parties lack the numbers in parliament to stage a successful impeachment of the president.

Pastor Chanda urged the opposition to instead direct their energies to offering solutions to the challenges faced by the country.

The clergyman observed that the opposition risked becoming irrelevant if they continued to act in a manner that can bring about instability in the country.

And Christian Faith Mission Centre (CFMC) says the declaration by a visiting American evangelist that the world is coming to an end on May 21, 2011 is regrettable.

CFMC founder President Peter Chanda said such statements are unfounded because the Holy Bible categorically states that no one knows the hour or day.

Pastor Chanda urged government to move in and arrested the American evangelist for spreading falsehoods.

He said such alarmist pronouncements had the potential to bring about chaos in the country.

Pastor Chanda has since urged Zambians to ignore such unfounded statements and remain steadfast to their faith.

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