Impending job losses and discrimination at Kalumbila

Impending job losses and discrimination at Kalumbila

Dear Editor,

Its a sad reading to learn of the pending job cuts at Kalumbila Mines. These investors are not being truthful. They send alot of money paying these so called expartriate for the jobs that can be done by Zambians. For example,

1. The Procurement Supritendants jobs were running perfectly by two Zambian Professional. The guys were deliberately frustrated and the managing C.E.C and Lubambe.
2. Two Australians have been brought in each getting a salary of about USD 15,000.00 per months, free air tickets and accommodation.
3. White interns earn about USD 55,000 per annum, free air tickets and accommodation. Getting rid of these people is a realistic cost saving measure.

To mention a few. The monies drawn by 20 white is not even equivalent to the salaries drawn by 1000 local employess. Its just a strategy of intimidating Government.
4. Propose the Government to move on the ground do an investigating and revoke working permits for these white and boers. There are hundreds of Zambians out there who can do these jobs.
5. This the only way to put the interest of Zambians first. I urge the Ministry of Home Affairs, Labour, Mines and Finance to form a task force to investigate and smoke out the fake expartriates in order to save the jobs for locals.

Why should foreigners benefit from our natural resources at the expense of our Zambian pipo?

This kind of behaviour forced the DRC government to flush FQM out of Congo.

I wait to see action. #Zambiansfirst.

Concern Citizen.

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