Implications of giving foreigners NRCs

Implications of giving foreigners NRCs


Here are the reasons why Kampyongo’s incompetence is the biggest threat this country has ever had in terms of domestic security:

1. Zambia may one day have a foreigner as President due to a poorly vetted registration process.

2. Foreign rebels may be able to use Zambia as a base for their activities using their links to newly registered “fake Zambians” as their operatives.

3. Zambia now has the potential to employ spies who will pretend to be Zambians but have allegiances to foreign countries

4. Zambia will easily host criminals and fugitives who have now taken advantage of the NRC registration to evade the police from their home countries.

5. Foreigners will have dual nationalities without the consent of Zambian authorities, making it easy for them to make border crossing undetectable.

6. We shall have individuals with dual identities, one for Zambia and one for a foreign nation. Exposing Zambia and the international community to terror, robbery and other criminal threats.

7. The illegal foreign NRC holders will easily be able to support the registration of their relatives and further worsening the situation of illegal immigrants.

8. Zambia will have its culture eroded by foreign influences, as our illegal new citizens would have not undergone the required indeginization process to qualify as Zambians.

Thank you Honorable Kampyongo for compromising our national security and being a shortsighted leader with no wisdom but severe political desperation. You are a genius!

Richard W

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