Importing the same maize we exported last month?

When we agree with president Edgar Lungu’s classical statement that he has no vision, this is what we mean.

The other day, Lungu announced that Zambia will start importing maize to cushion the hunger that is looming.

Seriously? Lungu and his PF spent the whole of 2015 exporting maize cheaply to Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana and Congo DR. They did not preserve enough for the country to feed on in case this year’s farming season does not yield enough?

Given Lubinda, a particularly corrupt minister who has amassed massive wealth in the few months he has been minister of agriculture through fertilizer scams (details will be published later) told the country that Zambia would sell as much as 1 million metric tonnes in 2015.
The truth is that countries like South Africa and Zimbabwe are still importing maize from Mexico, so at what expense will Zambia import maize from the Latin America?
If the PF government was still exporting maize as late as December 2015 (last month), can any one say these people have brains, the PF ministers?
Now they will have to buy back at high prices the same maize they they sold cheaply.
What kind of person consumes and sells everything he has in the house when he is not sure where the next supply will come from?
Is the PF telling us that a drought is something that has never happened in Zambia before and therefore was not expected?

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