Imprisoned Masumba says he misses sex

Imprisoned Masumba says he misses sex

Masumba before he was jailed

Masumba before he was jailed

Convicted Mufumbwe PF member of parliament Steven Masumba says there so much sex starvation in prisons that inmates ‘go crazy’ when they see females on television.

And Masumba says there was a lot of expectancy for amnesty among inmates ahead of the golden jubilee celebrations yesterday as many were hopeful of being pardoned.

Masumba was speaking from Lusaka Central Prison, where he is being held pending bail after the High Court sentenced him to one year imprisonment for obtaining pecuniary advantage by using a diploma erroneously awarded to him by NIPA.

Masumba said prison was like training ground, which one must adapt to.
“You see, yesterday I was given a privilege to meet some girls (inmates) who came to the [prison] clinic. When they heard that Masumba was here and they later met me, they said ‘We want to greet you… we had been hearing a lot about you and we wanted to see you’. When I told them that I would visit them, they said ‘Ah! Bazakugwila kuipa (our fellow women will pounce on you!)’,” he said.

“You see, there is no loophole. These are convicts. [Some] have been sentenced to life in prison, others to death. So who can ‘hammer’ them? They will tell you if you ask them that ‘I have not had sex for the last 10 years’… Bafunda kuipa umu (there is terrible passion in here).”

Masumba says sexual starvation in prison is so serious that inmates react when they see female newscasters on television.

“Baja bamene ba belenga news bamavutika umu (newscasters suffer). They even claim that ‘this one or that one is mine’. That is why when ladies are coming here, they are advised not to come with short things to avoid imaginations. Nga bamona itanta (when they see a thigh), later in the middle of the night when imaginations come, they cling to their fellow men. There is a lot of pressure,” he says.

“Can you imagine, if you are [jailed] for seven years, for instance, can you expect your wife to wait for that long… even if your wife is understanding, so what happens?”

Masumba said he had adapted to life in prison by living like the rest of the prisoners.

“People say when you go to Rome, go and do what the Romans do for you to enjoy Rome because the moment you go into typical denial, you will not be helping the situation. If you see friends doing some workouts in the morning, you also wake up and join them. When it is time to eat, you eat and interact. If it’s is time for lock-up, you go in,” he says.

“It is what moulds us… When we are told that prisons are bad and the sleeping arrangement is bad, we don’t believe but when you come here, that is when you can see.”

And Masumba said many prisoners were expectant that they would be among those that would be released through the President’s prerogative of mercy during the independence celebrations.

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