‘In any case, Its Sata who is linked to Zambeef’

Dear Editor,

Please allow me space on your site to contribute to the “Zambeef Saga”.

According to what I know, there is a campaign to link HH to the so called Zambeef saga but I want the people of Zambia to know the HH has nothing to do with Zambeef.

In fact the one who has interest in Zambeef is the President himself Mr. M.C. Sata.  According to the Mpongwe District Commissioner Mr. George Nsali, Zambeef financed PF campaigns and the Chopper which Mr. Sata was using during campaigns belonged to Zambeef.

The DC also claimed that the pilot who was flying the same chopper was actually the son to Zambeef founder Mr. Irwin. He went on to say that Mr. Sata was even a pallbearer for the late Zambeef founder.

The DC was saying this at his office when the PF Mpongwe District Secretary Mr. Joseph Mulenga and the Publicity and Information Secretary Mr. Bary Mukosa went to ask for intervention on the land wrangles between Zambeef and local residents were the first PF District chairman for Mpongwe Mr. Francis Kamanda was sentenced to five years imprisonment for fighting for the people’s rights on the Mimbolo land.

The DC told them that his hands were tied because the President has shares in Zambeef and there was nothing he could do.

Thanks to by-elections, Mr. Kamanda was released during the Mpongwe by-elections because it was going to make the PF lose.

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