In Bangweulu where UPND did not campaign much, PF wins

In Bangweulu where UPND did not campaign much, PF wins

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has won the Bangweulu Parliamentary by-election. This is the constituency where the main opposition UPND did not put in a lot of effort. UPND leader Hakiande Hichilema only arrived in Bangweulu three days before voting. Other UPND party leaders who are viewed as useless want  HH to do everything from mobilising campaign funds to campaign were just busy eating in and drinking in Lusaka. 

PF candidate Anthony Kasandwe has polled 10, 516 votes to beat his closest rival Robby Mwansa of the opposition Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) who got only 1, 852 votes.

United Party for National Development (UPND) candidate Bulanko Muma polled 1, 122 votes followed by independent candidate Prudence Mwansa who has received 653 votes.

Opposition Christian Democratic Party (CDP) candidate John Kabila is in fifth position with 432 votes while National Restoration Party (NAREP) candidate Bulanko Muma is the least with 336 votes.

This is from 14, 120 votes cast from the 51 existing polling stations of the constituency.

Only 199 votes were rejected.

Bangweulu constituency has 41, 979 registered voters.

The Parliamentary seat fell vacant following the death of PF Member of Parliament Chifita Matafwali who died in India.

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