In bid to spy on citizens, Sata gives Chinese complete access to Zambia’s millitary, OP files

In bid to spy on citizens, Sata gives Chinese complete access to Zambia’s millitary, OP files

President Michael Sata  with Chinese President Mr Xi jinping  and his delegation at Sheraton  after holding Bilateral talks. The President    thanked China for developmental contributions it has made to Zambia.And Chinese President, Xi Jinping, said that China is ready to strengthen its relations with Zambia and noted that his country was happy when President Sata sent first Republican President, Kenneth Kaunda, as envoy to convey a message that President Sata is willing to work with his country in 2011.picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/Statehouse 06-4-2013.

In an attempt to snoop on citizens, president Michael Sata has ended up exposing Zambia’s military and OP intelligence to foreign nationals he has imported to carry on surveillance on citizens, block critical websites and check emails and phone conversations.

Security personnel not happy with the exposure of Zambia’s secrets have told the Watchdog president Michael Sata has diverted huge sums of money saved from mealie meal and fuel subsidies to intensify monitoring of people’s activities on emails, mobile phones, and text messages using the Chinese developed technology.

The person entrusted with this robust and very expensive project is the newly sworn PS at State House Keizer Zulu, the man who was responsible for the hacking of the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) website on behalf of PF during the 2011 elections.

Mr. Zulu operating with former intelligence Chief Xavier Chungu have been tasked to work with the Chinese engineers who have been given a rare access to restricted places of mobile phone providers where various monitoring gadgets have been plugged.


Sources within the intelligence network have disclosed that ordinarily, only few engineers who swear oath of secrecy are allowed to these installation sites because that’s where one can access, read and record any data such as email and voice messages, as well as voice monitoring and recordings.

“This is a big and very expensive project to the Zambian economy. Perhaps not even Zimbabwe have this kind of expensive technology that is mainly found in well-developed economies that are fighting terrorist organizations. But in Zambia, looks like all the Zambian citizens are targeted foreigners have become instant terrorists,” impeccable intelligence sources has disclosed.

One source explained that Chinese experts have been given access to CODEX. The CODEX is the military and OP communication spying equipment which is housed at Lamya House.

The Chinese have rare access to the Zambia Internet exchange. This is the equipment, which enables all the ISPs in the country to be interconnected and then interconnect to the World Wide Web.

In many countries, this equipment is housed in a neutral place and all the ISPs can access it. In the case of Zambia, it is housed at Lamya and hence controlled by Zamtel and all the ISPs connect into it. It is possible to block some sites once you have access to the Internet exchange. The OP now controls the Zambia Internet exchange at Lamya.

Sources disclosed that while Mr. Sata regularly monitors activities of his known enemies such as UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema, MMD’s Nevers Mumba, and the likes of Fr. Frank Bwalya, the system is perhaps more deadly for Sata’s own personal friends, ministers, PSs, diplomats and even his own wife’s activities.

Yesterday while blasting chief Jumbe during the opening of the house of chiefs, Sata gave an indication of how he has been using the system when he said he knew what the chief was doing against him even in the chief’s bedroom.

Click here to listen to Sata boasting that he knows what happens in Zambians’ bedrooms 24 hours

“Can you imagine even close friends such as Post newspaper owner, Fred Mmembe, Finance Bank owner Rajan Mathani, former president Kenneth Kaunda and all the ministers are targets of his close surveillance using the same Chinese expensive technology? The first casualty of this technology during the experimentation stage was former Foreign Affairs Minister Given Lubinda, whose phone and other communication was heavily monitored and recorded,” sources said.

Sources said even the recent public blasting of current Foreign Affairs Minister, Effron Lungu, over a letter he copied to his PSs and subsequently referring to him as the most ugly minister at a rally in Chipata had nothing to do with the letter but some intercepted communication between him and some diplomats, which Mr. Sata was not pleased with.

According to sources, more equipment additions and upgrades have since been added at a huge cost that can monitor and record a programmed number of citizens communications instantaneously on massive hard disks and later voices, text messages, and emails isolated for listening and reading say after one week by the PF parallel intelligence structure that have been employed specifically for that exercise.

Mr. Sata is not knew to intelligence work as Mr. Chungu once saved him from jail for motor vehicle theft when he testified that he (Sata) was given a vehicle because he was a friend of the system.

Click here to listen to Sata boasting that he knows what happens in Zambians’ bedrooms 24 hours


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