‘In Chingola, you pay but given no plot’

To the Editor,

Kindly publish this Article so that the Public can Know the Huddles People of Chingola are facing.

To get a plot in Chingola is a game of chancing. Only the people with Money are enjoying share of a Zambian Soil. It doesn’t matter weather some body is foreign or local as long as they have Money. The Council officers handling the Plots are corrupt to the core. They are riding a boat of Corruption together with the Councilors.

I genuinely applied, interviewed and offered the Plot by the Chingola Council way back in March 2011, I even got the Letter of Offer and made a payment amounting to K4, 650.00. From that time they haven’t shown the Plots to many of us. It is disheartens to note that we were sold the Plots that doesn’t exist. We voted thinking some things will change, but all in vain, we are regretting that the Chingola Municipal council is a bunch of thieves, who doesn’t care about the social needs of the residents.

These issues can lead to a chaotic were People takes law in their own hands occupy the land of their choice without any legal support, so as when the council approach them, they charge and fight running battles. We are frustrated with the way Councils are treating its Citizens of this great nation. Let them know that each Zambian has the right to shelter together with other social needs. Corruption to acquire land will not develop anything meaningful instead it will encourage the creation of sub urban and shanties by the People who feel they cant be given any land hence they occupy the land by the virtue of Mob influence



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