In court, adulterer says ‘this woman has finished me’

A MARRIED businessman of Lusaka is paying heavily for his infidelity after his lover sued him for K1, 700 he owes her.
Sunday Moffatt, 39, who had to ask the court to allow him to sit down in the dock to catch his breath, was shaking his head as he said, “this woman has finished me”.
This was before justices Lewis Mumba and Pauline Newa in a case where Gracious Bunda, also 39, of Lusaka West dragged Moffat to court for non-payment of money owed to her.
Bunda, who is a civil servant at the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development, told the court that in September 2013, Moffat borrowed K1, 700 and a phone from her.
“But he has been paying me in small instalments that I’m even tired of asking for the rest of the money. He owes me K600. Sometimes, I would even fight with my husband over the same money,” she said with anger.
She said Moffat went to the extent of telling her she could go anywhere to report the matter and that was why she sued him.
But Justice Mumba, suspecting this was a case of love gone sour, asked Moffat to tell the court what relationship existed between the two, to which he responded that the two had been in a relationship for two years. He said the relationship did not end well.
He told the court looking down sheepishly that, “you know when people are lovers, they do each other favours,” sending the gallery into laughter.
Moffat, however, said he owed Bunda K300 because he also sacrificed a lot for her.
“One time she had a funeral and I used my wife’s bus to transport Bunda and her family. In fact, my wife even paid her half the money I owed her,” he said.
Moffat said he stopped the affair after discovering Bunda was also married and that she was also cheating on him (Moffat).
The court dismissed the claim saying the two were giving each other favours as they had an affair.

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