In drunken state, Kaizer Zulu crashes govt vehicle

In drunken state, Kaizer Zulu crashes govt vehicle

State House Special Assistant for Politics, Kaizer Zulu crashed a government Toyota Landcruiser vehicle through Munali Secondary School Perimeter Wall..

Kaizer Zulu who was left behind when President Edgar Lungu travelled to Turkey, had an accident on Sunday night.
He was coming from Arcades area and going to Chelston to drop his Russian girlfriend.

Kaizer who was visibly drunk missed the round-about turn and drove straight through the Munali wall on Great East Road.

He called his boys to rescue him and take the car away from the accident scene and took it to State House.

The GRZ Toyota Landcruiser was damaged beyond repair.

Zulu was in company of his white Russian girlfriend when the accident occurred at around 03hrs.

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