‘In fact, Kambwili is the most useless’

After battling with Luanshya golf club management for allocating himself and his imposed Luanshya mayor Nathan Chanda plots within golf fields,Kambwili went further to unleash his sheep,goats and cows to feed in the golf fields.
This however did not last long as he had to
face heavy opposition and criticism from the locals as well as his counterpart from Luanshya constituency Stev Chungu.Kambwili went further to persuade the Chinese investor probably by telling them that he won’t pressure them anymore over improving of conditions of
services for the miners as he used to do whilst in opposition.
The Chinese investor bowed down and offered him a contract to dismantle a mine shaft headgear at 14shaft just to silence him.
Kambwili today is a Very quiet and useless MP in Luanshya and doing absolutely nothing except illegal dealings of diverting CDF into his company called MWAMONA and awarding himself contracts together with his imposed
mayor.We kindly appeal to relevant authorities moreover the ACC to come and investigate him and his mayor.As of today,all those kambwili employed to work at 14 shaft have gone for nine months without being paid and where earlier this morning denied a police permit to go and stage a peaceful demonstration at his residence.
So when Sata tells us what we already know that he and his ministers are useless, why is Kambwili arguing?

Please do not disclose my identity.

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