In Lundazi, Lungu continues with tribal talk

In Lundazi, Lungu continues with tribal talk

lungu-in-lundaziAfter dismissing many Tonga and Lozi speaking people from the civil service, President Edgar Lungu today took to mocking the Tonga people of Southern province by saying that people in Eastern province must stop harassing them.

Lungu admitted that he had been receiving intelligence reports on the harassment of the people from Southern, Western and North western provinces because of their political choice of voting for UPND in the 2016 general elections.

Recently, many people from Western and southern provinces working at state house were retired by Lungu himself for perception that they were sympathetic to the UPND even when the officials were civil servants. Several other people in the Zambia Intelligence Security Services (ZISS), police, army and civil service in general were retired or transferred to far flung areas ahead of the 2016 elections and the assault continued after the elections.

Lungu is in Eastern province to prop up his campaigns to stand for the third term in 2021. He has so far visited Chipata, Lundazi and is expected to be in Katete tomorrow before flying back to Lusaka. His message is mainly based on the people of Eastern province choosing between an Easterner, Bemba and Tonga when the time for voting comes.

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