In order to shut him up, ZRA sues Chishimba

In order to shut him up, ZRA sues  Chishimba




The Zambia Revenue Authority has taken UPP leader Saviour Chishimba to court demanding k100 billion for Malicious damages.

Dr. Chishimba unearthed a corrupt scam at the Zambia Revenue Authority where a contract to Design, Supply, Delivery, Installation, Supervision, Configuration, Testing and Commissioning of an Invoice Management was awarded to a named company amounting to k140, million instead of the initial 80 million kwacha.

ZRA commissioner Kingsely Chanda says the authority is an institution of high levels of integrity and careless statements from members of the public have the potential to bring the name of the institution into contempt and disrepute thereby affecting revenue collection.

The Authority has therefore sought legal redress in the High Court on the matter as of today Wednesday 5th April, 2017.

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