In response to 21 days ultimatum, Sata sends more soldiers to Barotseland

President Michael Sata has sent more troops to Mongu following a 21-day ultimatum Barotse National Youths issued recently for the Zambian government to withdrawal its administration as secessionist intensify their resolve to breakaway.

Five track-loads of troops arrived in the provincial capital of Western Province, Mongu, on Monday to beef up security as youths are determined to remove the PF officers from the region to declare independence.

President Sata had promised to honour the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 within 90 days of coming to office but has lamentably failed to do so one year into office.

President Sata has since unleashed his police force on Barotseland activists arresting 15 people after they tore copies of the draft constitution in protest to his administration, according to Zambia Reports.

Sources say activists have vowed they were ready to face President Sata’s forces and die for their land.

“Enough is enough, we are much ready than we were on the 14th of January 2011 when these Bembas and Nyanjas killed our brothers,” the source said.

The youth representative named Liswaniso said the activists were “waiting to be killed.”

Youths in the region argue that Barotseland had been neglected since 1964 with no meaningful development in the area.

“When we talk that we want to revert to our origins then they say ‘you are insulting us’, we have suffered a lot,” Liswaniso said, adding; “Now Mr. Sata wants to bomb us here, let them come and we are much ready because its better we die than suffering.”

Liswaniso has warned President Sata that killing Lozis will not be enough to wipe them out.

“These Bembas and Nyanjas have made us suffer from [being] poor to poorer because they are greed and jealous,” he added.

The activists have also welcomed new provisional minister Obvious Mwaliteta
warning he should not dare tamper with their resolve as they are determined.

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