In Solwezi, Mealie meal is only found on black market and costs K70

Dear Editor,
I am one of the thousands of people of North-western Province who went to look for mealie meal in town but could not find it in all the outlets of the main suppliers – Roan Antelope, National and Olympic milling shops but I found it on the black market being sold at K70 rebased kwacha (K70,000).

The only place where there was mealie meal was at Solwezi milling and that is where I found a lot of people outside the gate.

There were security guards who only allowed ten people to enter after thirty minutes then another unit of ten.

I failed to buy from the milling place but forced to buy from the black market.

As for ZESCO in Solwezi we are the most injured people and it is unfortunate to see that the prepaid system could not work since Thursday and as I write the system is not functioning making all the people with prepaid power into darkness.

They have cheated to say there is no network at ZESCO. But will they compensate all the people who have been inconvenienced with such behaviour?

When they (PF) were in opposition, they used to curse MMD for such, but It is too much with this

We thought things will be improved with the change of government but this is when we are retrogressing and being taken backwards.

This is the current situation in Solwezi.   I am worried and do not condemn people who react aggressively to such situations.
Isaac  Kyisambabonse.

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