In Zambia, opposition members are treated as criminal – Changala

In Zambia, opposition members are treated as criminal – Changala

By Brebner Changala

It’s of great concern to any citizen of this country to witness state sponsored anarchy and lawlessness in the manner we are being governed by the PF government.

Detaining opposition leaders on trumped charges is a new tool of undermining democracy in contemporary Zambia.The selective application of the Public Order Act by the State police is meant to frustrate and limit the democratic space of those with opposing views to the PF.
The State Police have unconstitutionally taken over the political space in Zambia in order to shield the PF government from all checks and balances.

There is no law that allows the police to give permits for any one to assemble later on to associate with any one. One is supposed to notify the police for the sake of order in the manner we manage our meetings and rallies. Zambia Police in it’s current sate is a political tool of oppression and and an abuse to the public oder.

In this country, the opposition political parties and their leaderships are always treated like criminals and an inconvenience to the ruling elite.

These ruling elites have squandered their reputations that’s if they had any before they came into power. They have transformed the PF into a political organization based on corrupt financial transactions and the conveyance of patronage and criminality.

Most members of PF who are embedded in patronage are disconnected from the communities. They don’t do a trustworthy audit of the political process in order to understand their people’s needs and concerns.They are engaged in self-centered policy-making which are out of touch with morden politics and economies.One can safely say the current PF leadership has a monopoly of ignorance in the social and economic sphere.

They advance well-sounding social and economic massages without clearly elaborated programs.The tragedy of Zambian democracy is the existence of extractive institutions which only benefit a few who use the resources derived therefrom to bribe the electorate.
The cycle of corrupt ‘Big’ men who continue to rule Zambia perceive people as voters and not citizens because of the advantages derived from the continued existence of extractive institutions. This explains the failure to decentralize power in the country.

PF and it’s leadership must learn a lesson from Mugabe. Leaders who brutalize their opponents fall victim of the evil they promoted. Mugabe is a victim of the very evil he promoted as President and he was ousted from power unconstitutionally, but legitimized by the uprising of the people.The people being sovereign, it was a constitutional text that Mugabe serve until 2018 Versus the people’s power, which said Mugabe must leave immediately and the peoples power won the day.

Most dictators in Africa and beyond come to power gracefully and in a dignified manner, but they leave office in disgrace and pain.Dictators are always cruel,brutal and corrupt while being benevolent to boot-lickers.In Zambia,the PF leadership has turned State assets and finances into a gold mine for them to lead extraordinary opulent lives. They are living like Rock Stars in Beverly Hills.They are stinking Rich while coming from utterly nothing yesteryear.

The tragedy of governance in Zambia is the embracing of presidentialism with it’s unchecked vast powers.This is as a result of the failure of constitutional makers to balance executive powers with other organs of the state i.e Parliament and the Judiciary and the weaknesses of the institutions like ACC,DPP and State Police whitch have become tools of oppression by the PF regime.These institutions should support constitutional democracy but they have been abused to subvert it by PF while we stand and watch arms akimbo.


For the PF to achieve their corrupt agenda, abuse of human rights and destruction of all institutions of good governance , the Post Newspapers as an agent of good governance and fight against corruption had to be dealt with as a matter of urgency.
But I can confidently and clearly state that that Post Newspapers has only taken a nap.In due time it will wake up with vigor and eager to catch the corrupt that have taken advantage it’s siesta . For The Post Newspapers was and is still an institution of Good governance. The Post Newspapers is the Fourth Estate.

At the moment we have reactionary media which has been captured by the State and fails to project a balanced view of the socio-economic and political affairs in a nation as militated against the media being a fourth estate,to the extent that critical views and credible voices don’t see the light of the day.One has to be a boot liker to be covered by the reactionary Zambian media.

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