In Zambia today

In Zambia today


1. Those who demand for justice are called “cry babies”

2. Those who oppress, bribe, defame and abuse state resources are label “smart politicians”

3. Thugs have prime time news coverage

4. The educated have intellectual apathy that conforms to the clout of rogue politicians is indifferent to governance and economic issues.

5. Those who criticize government are called “bitter”.

6. Peace protests are labeled “anarchy” before they even happen.

7. The concerns raised about corruption are rubbished as “propaganda”

8. The FIC they created is now treated as a “witch hunter”

9. The identity of those who launched terror gas attacks is protected using the excuse of “contempt of court”

10. Yet their rivals are denied innocence and not taken to court but found guilt by the state media

11. A traffic offense is categorized as “treason”

12. A raid on a police headquarters is categorized as an “assault”

13. A cadre can give orders to law enforcement and slap ministers

14. A propagandists addresses policy issues on behalf of the president, whilst a policy maker have the important duty of bootlicking the president

15. When the government oppresses its own citizens it is justified as “boma ni boma”

16. When a president shuns the nation and is feeble on national issues he is idolised as “humble”

17. An opposition rival can be smeared anything they wish like “freemason” or “satanist” or “cultist” by state media

18. Those who demand lifestyle audits to protect public resources are labeled “jealous”

19. A day of prayer is weaponized to attack political rivals

20. Doctrines no longer distinguish our churches anymore, but the appetite for politician brown envelopes does.

21. Slowly but surely we are losing our values and getting remote from virtues that hold any society intact

22. A society that is not honest towards one another and about its own threats is headed towards an abyss.

23. We are a Christian nation who have put money and power above justice, love and compassion.

Richard W

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