Incompetent DPP Shawa enters nolle in William Banda case

A Lusaka magistrate has set free Veteran politician William Banda and other UPND supporters after incompetent DPP Lilian Shawa entered one of her infamous ‘no prosecutions’.

Magistrate Fides Hamaundu has since discontinued the matter in which the 10 were arrested for allegedly obstructing the police from arresting the UPND president on 10th April, 2017.


The matter which was due to commence for trial this morning could not do so following fresh instructions in accordance with section 81 of the CPC.

But Magistrate Fides Hamaundu has directed that the accused be given back all their items which police confiscated from them during the arrest at Mr Hichilema’s residence.

She directed that if state police will not do so, the accused must begin criminal proceedings against individual officers.

Brian Mwiinga, William Banda, Gilbert Liswaniso, Dean Mweetwa, Jed Kaliminwa, David Mwanza, John Zulu, Rashid Masumba, John Lungu, and Michael Tembo were arrested have all been set free.


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    hankombo2 6 months

    Her office knows nothing apart from the nolies shame on this young lady who should have been very vibrant but she has chosen to be used by rotten politicians to settle their scores with those who don’t agree with them. Her office is very sacred such that it should not be mingled with stains of blood of evil doers. Her career path has been finished because of greediness for money poor Lilian she has no integret