Incomplete projects in Lufwanyama

Incomplete projects in Lufwanyama


President Lungu was in Lufwanyama to commission the newly constructed police houses in Lufwanyama. Unfortunately he was not taken to many projects that have stalled for years.

It is possible that the president does not know about these projects. Allow me to let him know.

There is an office for ministry of health that has taken 10 years to finish. As we spealk Lufwanyama District offices ar Then there is the Lufwanyama kasempa road that government started constructing during the 2016 elections. All equipments were on sight. But just after the elections not even a millimetre of that road has been done. I certain the president didnt see the post that was along the road he used.

Then there about 50 houses for civil servants that have reached at roof level. Now they all covered in tall grass and look deserted.

If these houses where completed, some civil sernants can be relieved. Housing is a serious challenge in Lufwanyama. Your goverment wokers pay 80 kwacha to report for work daily. This has affected service delivery.

Then there is also a new district administrative block which has now been engulfed by grass. There is no hope of when it will be finished.

Next to the District Admn’s office are two grz mansions that have been abandoned. More than 10 years ago, council officials stole money meant for these houses. They are now monuments.

And by the way, your excellency, in case you have not heard, two police cars were involved in a road accident. They were on there way to welcome you.The rumour going round is that one police man died on the sport.

Any way we thank you for the police houses. But may your government also consider these other unfinished project in the district.

Finally that UPND mp Fungulwe is a big miss.

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