Inconsistencies: PF puts 3 different retirements ages

President Edgar Lungu has directed the Ministry of Justice to change the law on retirement age so that workers can retire either at 55, 60 or 65.
Lungu says 55 will be early retirement while normal retirement will be 60 and late retirement at 65 years old.
He said this from China a statement issued by his special assistant for press and public relations Amos Chanda.
He said the revised law should clearly indicate that those who were employed before the effective date of the new SIs will have the option of proceeding on either early retirement, normal retirement or late retirement as a way of securing their accrued rights.

Then he contradicted himself by saying after the issuance of the Statutory Instrument, those employed in the public service would only qualify for normal retirement at the age of 60.

If that is the case, why not just leave it open for employees to retire whenever they wish at 27, 61 or 92 instead of putting three different ages.

Reacting to this latest PF policy inconsistency, one youth wrote this:
The PF is trying to hoodwink people by giving 3 options of the retirement age. Remember President Lungu said he was going to reduce it when he was campaigning. The first question is what was wrong with retirement at 55 years. And why the options.Policies are supposed to assist the govt in planning and focusing on how to run the govt in the present and the future.You need to know how many people will retire in which year and how many vacancies will be created after the retirements unlike guessing and living it to the employees to decide.There is need to maintain that a clear policy like usual mandatory retirement at 55 years which is the ideal situation. The current retirement policy allows for people to retire after serving for 20 years in the public/ civil and from past experience less than 2% of the employees opted for this provision the majority were retiring at the mandatory age of 55. The choice therefore will not be there even when someone is ailing as a result of old age they will still stay on and retire at 65 where will the youths find employment in the civil service if you allow people to retire at that age. Zambians case should not be compared to other countries where life expectancy is high due to good medical care.Let us the youths not be blinded. A clear govt with a clear vision will simply say retirement is at 55 chapwa. The concern is not to maintain jobs for those already in employment, when they retire most of them become entrepreneurs and even create employment whilst on the other end they create vacuum for the youths to be employed. Retirement age should be be reduced and maintained as mandatory at 55 .Every year if 2000 teachers retired it means there were vacancies to employ 2000 teacher graduates but now those graduates will have to wait for another good 10 years on the streets until the same batch retires at 65 years .Same goes for nurses, police army etc.

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