Government cancels unveiling of KK’s old house to avoid Sata

Zambia’s founding President, Kenneth Kaunda says he is saddened by the increasing political intolerance in the country.

KK made the comments following a  ministerial directive by tourism minister, Catherine Namugala to cancel the unveiling of Dr. Kaunda’s statue at his old house in Lusaka’s Chilenje Township.

This is because opposition Patriotic Front leader, Michael Sata was to attend the ceremony.

Dr. Kaunda lived in Old Chilenje House number 394 in Lusaka from January 1960 to December 1962.

Government has turned the house into a national monument, a significant site that used to be a hive of political activities during the independence struggle.

Speaking at an the old house after the  ceremony was canceled , Dr. Kaunda said the behaviour of the politicians defies efforts of a united Zambia under one Zambia, one nation.

He counseled the political leaders to embrace Christian values of loving each other at all times.

Dr. Kaunda said the function was historical because it reminded him of the country’s struggle for Independence.

And speaking at the same function, Kabwata Member of Parliament, Given Lubinda said Dr. Kaunda is a symbol of unity having united more than 73 plus tribes at Independence.

Mr. Lubinda called on Dr. Kaunda to intervene in the existing political intolerance among the Zambian people.
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