Increasing electricity charges is cruel – Chanda

The recent announcement by the PF Government to increase electricity tariffs by 75% is a clear testimony that the country’s economy has been mismanaged to the levels where nothing is making sense in Zambia apart from Mr. Lungu gallivanting all over the World without considering the repercussions of such carelessness in managing the national resources.

Electricity is very key to production and such a huge upswing will bring about price increase in goods and services. The move will also make imported goods cheaper compared to locally manufactured ones. The result of this will be that most local companies will close down or declare employees redundant. The cost of doing business will be too high. There will be no economic growth to talk about in country. The mining industry will not be spared too.

At house hold level we will see a situation where electricity will only be for the rich. The source of energy for the poor will be charcoal and firewood and we all know the effect of this on the environment and ultimately the effects on climate change. All these things do not make sense to the PF Government whose only preoccupation is loot the country’s resources and punish the common person.

Unemployment will be too high in the country as a result crime will increase. I believe the PF leadership is aware of all these but somehow since they have no heart for the country and the poor people they find it fit to carelessly spend K2 million on the pulling out from the ICC. Surely with this kind of thinking can you say Zambia is a poor country or simply being mismanaged?

As UPND we have said it before that as ordinary Zambians we are not affected by the ICC but only dictators like Mr Lungu who spend sleepless nights about the ICC because of what he has done to the Zambian people.

Already things are beyond the reach of most Zambians who are barely surviving by the grace of God. People are failing to feed their families let alone send children to school. Workers are affected by the biting economy under the PF Government. Pay as You Earn has been increased, water utility companies have increased their tariffs plus many other taxes and levies that are being increased daily. This has eroded the employees take home pay, leaving employees in Zambia wondering whether their output is indeed being appreciated. Ultimately this will leave the employee with two options. Employees will be demotivated and secondly employees working under such circumstances will not be productive and where necessary engage in vices such as pilfering and corruption just to make ends meet.

As UPND, on behalf of the suffering Zambians we ask this PF Government through the ERB not to go ahead and effect this mad proposal from this cruel PF Government. It will be highly unthinkable and irresponsible to effect such tariffs in an economy like ours where over 80% of the population live under 1US Dollar per day.

Instead Mr Lungu and his Ministers should be responsible enough and stop being wasteful by moving from one country to another aimlessly, immediately stop wasting money on the pulling out from the ICC and take practical steps to end the rampant corruption in the PF leadership as confessed by Mr. Lungu himself .

It will be sheer madness to subject people to such suffering. We know that you have failed to run this country. You have no capacity to lead so please step aside and let UPND show you how to run the country And very soon the PF Government will impose a wage freeze, mark my word.
Percy Chanda

UPND- Freedom fighter and Chairman for Labour.

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