Increasing Lungu’s salary is criminal-NGOCC

The Non Governmental Organization Coordinating Council (NGOCC) has charged that the move by outgoing President Edgar Lungu to increase his salary while people are languishing in absolute poverty is a sign that the Patriotic Front leadership has no heart for the people of Zambia.
NGOCC board chairperson Sarah Longwe says that it is not right for President Lungu to increase his salary when there are Zambians that are not able to afford three ordinary meals every day.
Ms Longwe says President Lungu cannot increase his salary when he is leading hungry people who have to line up to get an expensive bag of mealie meal.
She says that the continued mealie meal price hikes and shortages amid economic challenges is an indication that the cries of the Zambian people have been falling on deaf ears.
Ms Longwe was commenting on the current salary increment for President Edgar Lungu which she says is day light theft.
“President Lungu and his team are taking the people of Zambia for granted and that is why they are able to increase their salaries while the people are languishing in poverty,” she said.
Ms Longwe further pointed out that the government has kept on saying that there is no money in the country so it is important that they explain to the people of Zambia where they are getting the money they are using to increase their salaries.
She says a government is supposed to be more concerned about the well being of the people and not enriching themselves.
“The government have failed to deliver to the people of Zambia, why should they deliver to themselves; everyday they are saying that they are working on ensuring that they better the lives of the Zambian people but we are not seeing any development on the people, they are suffering more each day,” she said.
Ms Longwe said that President Lungu and his cabinet have misplaced priorities and that is why they are able to increase their salaries while the Zambian people are subjected to poverty.
She says that the current economic situation in the country where the government is always borrowing money has angered the women movement who have vowed to take action if government does not organise its priorities.

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