Independence in poverty

It is sad and tragic that on the threshold of observing the country’s 51years of political independence from Britain, our disillusioned citizens are still agonising and wallowing in such scandalous levels of poverty and continue to exist in such unacceptable appalling and dehumanising human conditions that have totally relegated and rendered them and equated them to existence at animal level.

In contrast those who have inherently inherited and taken over the whip from the colonial master leave in such obscene wealth unapologetically.
It is indeed laughable to hear kingpins of corruption empty out political independence rhetoric and claim genuine commitment to the fight against corruption when they themselves have mastered and perfected the art of theft and graft of public funds with impunity.
It is undeniable material fact that individuals claiming and demonstrating fake zeal and commitment to fight graft through empty political speeches are themselves rotten to the core and moribund and totally impotent to fight corruption.
The current sad state of affairs in the nation has a lot to do with plunder and theft of public funds thereby depriving the poorest of the poor the benefits that accrue with political independence.
Political independence is meaningless for the majority of our people as a few individuals have taken pecuniary advantage of their political positions to enrich themselves shamelessly at the expense of the majority poor.
No political speech is good enough for purpose for as along as the economic benefits do not trickle down to the majority poor.

Nason Msoni

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