Indian master beats Zambian Guard

Allow me to report an incident that happened yesterday where a guard was beaten up by an Indian for no apparent reason.

Its was just a day after Ndola residents rioted over a Somalian national shot dead a Zambia domestic worker over overdue wages  that another Zambian, this time a security guard was beat up by an Indian in Lusaka’s Olympia area. A security officer, Mr. Andrew Malambo of Attric Security, a company owned by Mr.  Shakafuswa, one of the councilors in Lusaka was beaten by the owner of Mahacar lodge which is located along Kasangula road.

The incident happened 15 December 2012 around 20:30hrs.

Mr. Malambo together with Mr. mulanzi were on duty when the owner of the premises drove in,  in a white pick-up van registration number ALF9644. As part of his duties for the evening, Mr. Malambo was controlling traffic by guiding drivers where to park as the lodge was hosting a wedding ceremony. When the owner of the premises drove in, he parked his vehicle in the middle of the drive way and it was then that mr. malambo  tried to guide him to park his vehicle properly, the man then came out of his vehicle shouting that he owned the place and that he could not be taking directives from a guard. He then descended on the guard beating him up and with the help of his fellow Indians, they dragged him to some office where they continued beating him. It was at this stage that we organized ourselves to rescue the guard. The situation was tense, afterwards the Indian man tried to persuade us not to report the matter to the police.


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