‘Indian shop owners in Kamwala not paying us minimum wage’

Dear Editor

Allow me space in your Newspaper.
Something disturbing is happening in the Indian dominated Kamwala trading area.
The revised salaries of the workers is not being paid.
Somehow  these so called investors have coned the workers and are not paying them what is due to them and are continuously now harassing and intimidating them about their job loss should the workers open their mouths.
They continuously shout at us about how the Govt is not looking after their interests and keeping the place worse than toilets.
They say if the Governmentt does not fix the roads how can they survive because business is affected.
They even threaten us with shops closure and they say “where are you going to go”.
We are in a terrible predicament and we have nowhere to turn to except you.
Maybe someone can hear us. We thought the Governmentt was doing good but in the meantime many people have been fired and the Governenment officials promised to come and inspect but nothing has happened yet unfortunately.
We don’t know whether this is coming and going. Meanwhile Indian shopowners keep bringing their family members from India and pay them handsomely with many of them becoming our bosses overnight.
They say we are not honest and thieves.
The bad result is that those Zambians who own shops are affected and are now closing shops because they cannot afford.
Now where does this leave us.
Please help us.
Thank you.
Please do not include the email and name Thank you.,

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