Inflation shoots to 22.9 % partly due to increase in ‘sewer services’-CSO

Zambia’s annual inflation rate for February has increased to 22.9 percent from last month’s 21.8 percent thanks to the ever increasing food prices under the PF government.
Central Statistical Office -CSO- Director John Kalumbi has attributed the increase in inflation to a rise in food and non food inflation.
He cites an increase in prices of products such as imported rice, bananas, groundnuts and tomatoes as having impacted on food inflation.
Mr. Kalumbi adds that vegetables especially during this time of the year record an increase in price.
He says an increase in price of water and sewer service contributed to a rise in non food inflation.
This means starving Zambians have to pay more for ‘their sewer.’
Meanwhile Mr. Kalumbi has disclosed that Zambia last month recorded a trade deficit worth 172.6-million kwacha.
He has however stated that the deficit for January 2016 is 76 percent lower than the deficit for the previous month, December 2015 which stood at 739.5-million kwacha.
Kalumbi has also revealed that copper exports have reduced by 15.4 percent from 5.6 million Kwacha in December 2015 to 4.7 million Kwacha in January 2016.

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