Influx of herbal medicines should be controlled

Influx of herbal medicines should be controlled

The pharmaceutical society of Zambia(PSZ) have noticed alot of influx of herbal medicines that are claiming to cure different disease but without any scientific evidence. This has made the general public to stop taking the medications that are prescribed by the doctors in the hospital and has made members of the public to lose alot money. We have also noted that people who are not registered as pharmacy personals with HPCZ are moving from one bus to another selling the same products.

The members of the public are called upon to report the pharmaceutical society of Zambia so that we take it with the relevant authorities in order to safeguard the welfare of the general public.

Herbal medicines or alternative treatments as they are sometimes called may offer health benefits but require proper instructions to be given to the clients and they can be only done by well trained professionals and these are our members.

Jerome Kanyika
President PSZ

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