Infrastructure development, the PF way

Infrastructure development, the PF way

This is a disgrace12644777_1086587104725372_3381821950177961818_n

Attached are photos taken yesterday 12670224_1086587181392031_4048495422772499612_n
12650919_1086587134725369_147056194314160014_naround the St Dorothy area, about 80 km from Solwezi.

We were told Fist Quantum Mines had originally fixed this road to a stage where it was in pretty good condition. Then they were instructed to stop repairs because government had issued contracts to repair the road.

Finally a couple of years later we learnt that government did actually issue a contract.

This is the section of the road that Buildcon are responsible for repairing and there is no evidence of any of their personnel on site.

Meanwhile well over 60% of Zambia’s copper exports are at the mercy of the weather as Buildcon have failed to deliver. where are they and where is the tax payer’s money gone.

So much for the Veep’s comments about developing the North Western Province.

Trucks and busses are getting stuck on this section and any diversions are in a mess. The traffic has resorted to trying to use the existing road, even though it has not been compacted yet, resulting in more mayhem.

Scandalous. Hope the roads in Addis aren’t this bad.12651017_1086587084725374_2072755625929083969_n 12650919_1086587134725369_147056194314160014_n 12670224_1086587181392031_4048495422772499612_n 12644777_1086587104725372_3381821950177961818_n

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